Behavior-Based Fraud Detection Solution

Advanced cyberthreats targeting global and national financial institutions, coupled with regulatory and market pressures, are growing in frequency and sophistication. Financial institutions also are still learning to manage the explosive growth of the online and mobile channels — and how to best secure related access and transactions.

With a long-standing focus on the authentication and fraud market, Entrust helps globally trusted financial institutions fight fraud in real time with the most comprehensive fraud detection solution — Entrust TransactionGuard. It provides the deployment flexibility to monitor transactions across varied applications, user communities and multiple access channels.

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Entrust TransactionGuard blends a number of approaches to form an integrated framework to help financial institutions detect, defend and adapt to the fast-paced fraud landscape. The zero-touch approach enables rapid deployment into complex environments, no invasive integration with banking applications, and does not impact the end-user experience.

Unlike competitive offerings limited to transaction-based fraud detection, Entrust TransactionGuard analyzes all points of interaction with the user on a specific channel, allowing organizations to gain a complete picture of potentially fraudulent behavior.

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Entrust’s layered, identity-based security solutions are specifically tailored to protect financial institutions and the identities of their customers. The seamless deployment of strong authentication, real-time fraud detection, transaction-monitoring and mobile security controls are cornerstones to a real solution FIs can deploy — today.

  • Co-deployment helps migrate away from outdated or legacy solutions
  • Integration with Entrust IdentityGuard for seamless step-up authentication and transaction-signing in mobile and online channels
  • Includes out-of-the-box library of behavior pattern baselines
  • Native server-redundancy, disaster-recovery and load-balancing contingency capabilities
  • Maintain total control of the solution and how it interacts with the banking environment
  • Sensitive Data is never sent to third-party organizations

Core to an integrated security framework, Entrust TransactionGuard is deployed in many of the world’s elite financial institutions and organizations. The solution is offered in an on-premise deployment model and provides customers with a range of options to meet the needs of the most complex IT architecture.

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