Scalable Single Sign-On Solution

A Web portal is a single doorway for employees, customers and partners to access digital content, data and services online. Creating a personalized online experience at the portal depends on authenticating your users and then acting accordingly to that individual’s assigned role and authority.

A single sign-on (SSO) and Web access control solution, Entrust GetAccess solves security objectives for automating processes for suppliers and partners, improving productivity and efficiency, or simply providing an invaluable peace of mind.

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With Entrust GetAccess, centrally manage access to multiple applications through a single portal, providing users with single sign-on (SSO) to authorized applications and content.

Reduce administration costs and driving more services through cost-effective Web portals. The solution offers the broadest support for user authentication methods, flexible roles and rules-based access control, self-service features, and proven performance to millions of users.

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Providing a personalized experience using proper authorization and strong authentication is key to building effective online relationships. And Entrust GetAccess is a proven solution for large-scale identity access management (IAM). It provides robust access controls for intranet, extranet and federated portal content applications and Web services environments.

Supporting the broadest range of authentication methods and user devices available today, Entrust GetAccess makes it possible for organizations to personalize services, content and data for the diverse needs of a varied user community.

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Read the Data Sheet