Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services PKI

Managed PKI for Your Organization

Public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates are a prerequisite for securing high-value transactions, authenticating identities and communicating sensitive information online.

With Entrust Cloud, establish and manage certificate-based security across an organization through a reliable, customizable and flexible cloud-managed PKI. Eliminate up-front capital investment and significantly reduce on-going operation cost associated with in-house PKI software. The managed approach includes built-in maintenance capabilities and speeds deployment time.

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Entrust Cloud PKI

Cloud PKI Certificate ServiceEntrust Cloud PKI provides reliable service with continuous protection for your business. Housed in established secure facilities, the PKI service features a highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup and exceptional disaster recovery.

The cloud solution is available in several service models — standard, customer-branded, non-federal issuers SSP and a federal SSP — to provide maximum flexibility. In all models, data and access are consistently and strongly protected.

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Why Entrust?

For years, security-conscious organizations have turned to Entrust for PKI security. Entrust Cloud PKI makes it easy to purchase exactly the PKI you need today — one that easily scales to meet future business requirements. Certificate deployment is fast and easy. Plus, digital certificate renewal is automated to deliver reliable, hands-off security.

  • Deployed in eGovernments worldwide
  • Cryptographic components are evaluated annually against the FIPS 140 and Common Criteria standards
  • Entrust issues certificates trusted by the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA)
  • Provides cost-savings over in-house equipment and personnel
  • All data is backed up at a secure, off-site facility
  • CA operations and processes are audited annually by a certified third party
  • Entrust is recognized by government, finance and industry leaders around the globe for unequalled PKI deployment experience

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