PIV-I Government-Interoperable Identity Credentials

An extension of the Non-Federal Identity SSP Service, Entrust offers Personal Identity Verification Interoperable (PIV-I) solutions for state governments, the private sector and other non-federal organizations who need identity credentials that are issued in a manner that facilitates trust and technically interoperable with the U.S. federal PIV card standard.

Entrust’s PIV-I solution, which includes smartcard components from security vendor XTec, has been approved by the Federal PKI Policy Authority (FPKIPA). This special certification authorizes Entrust to issue PIV-I smartcard credentials to non-federal organizations or companies.

Entrust is one of only a handful of security vendors on the U.S. government’s list of approved PIV-I providers.

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What is PIV-I?

PIV-I provides a standards-based implementation of a physical and logical access credential in the form of a smartcard. PIV-I is based on the same standards of vetting and issuance developed by the U.S. government for its employees, but it has been tailored for non-federal use.

PIV-I credentials offer vetted individuals many capabilities, including secure communication with federal organizations as well as secure physical and logical access to the appropriate facilities, machines, portals or applications.

Certified PIV-I Solutions for:

    • State and local government employees
    • Federal contractors and suppliers
    • Private sector employees
    • First responders
    • Healthcare workers


Entrust’s PIV-I solution helps organizations meet PIV technical specifications to work with U.S. federal PIV infrastructure elements (e.g., card readers) and is issued in a manner that allows other vetted U.S. federal government departments and organizations to trust the credential’s identity information.

PIV-I cards are different from government PIV credentials in that the latter is issued directly under the control of the issuing federal agency. PIV-I meets all of the technical specifications of the PIV credential and is issued by entities vetted by the U.S. federal government.

This allows an organization to issue the same physical card to all employees and partners, and then provide the option to enhance the credential with the ability to be trusted by federal and other external organizations via the Federal PKI.

PIV-I Solution

For the approved PIV-I implementation, Entrust is partnered with XTec — a leading provider of smartcard-based products — to deliver a proven, comprehensive solution. This partnership also provides PIV solutions to the U.S. Departments of Labor, State and Homeland Security, the National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies.

Entrust’s solution provides organizations with great flexibility by enabling organizations to issue credentials that are fully interoperable with the U.S. government agencies, bureaus and departments, or allowing an organization to limit trust for certain functions within their organization.


Entrust’s advanced PIV-I and physical/logical access capabilities are core to the versatility of a comprehensive authentication platform. Entrust IdentityGuard leads the industry as one of the most robust authentication and identity-assurance platforms. It delivers an unmatched breadth of capabilities and flexibility to meet the most demanding security environments.

By leveraging a cost-effective platform to authenticate and manage digital identities, organizations may broaden their security deployment, provide flexibility for employees and partners, while achieving operating efficiencies and maximizing their return on investment.

Entrust IdentityGuard