When you sign up to be a TrustedPartner, you receive the following benefits for your company:

  • Access to marketing materials, competitive sales information and your dedicated Entrust sales representative for your territory
  • Discount on Entrust products and services, presales technical support, and RFP Response Assistance
  • Monthly subscription to the PartnerConnect e-newsletter that contains partner deal win information, product info, sales updates and notification of upcoming events
  • Access to our monthly webinars that provide useful information to provide to your clients
  • Ability to receive not for resale and internal use software for your company 1
  • Protection for your deals with our deal registration process 2
  • SPIFF opportunities 3 and customer promotions to help you boost your business
  • Press release of your partnership with Entrust
Become a Partner

Value Added Resellers

The Value Added Reseller classification was designed for resellers who currently have an expertise with Internet security solutions or provide complementary products and would like to add Entrust Enhanced Security products to their portfolio.

These resellers typically have a specific horizontal or vertical focus such as providing VPN or Web solutions. Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partners are trained and motivated to resell Entrust software. VAR Partners also provide customers with value added services such as pre-sales consulting, installation, integration and training services. These partners may operate in specific verticals or geographies.

Value Added Reseller Partner Membership Criteria

  • Derive at least 30% of total revenues from professional services.
  • Have a professional, outbound, trained sales, business development and/or consulting services organization.
  • Have the infrastructure and technical expertise to provide front-line, pre-sales support for Entrust software products.
  • Have the ability and infrastructure to resell Entrust Maintenance Agreements, or the infrastructure and technical expertise to provide installation and administration post-sales support services for Entrust software products.
  • Provide programs for lead generation and awareness.
  • Offer value added services such as pre-sales consulting, installation, integration and training services.
  • Operate within a focused regional/country.


Entrust Referral Partners are organizations that may or may not have a strategic presence in the digital identity security space. Our referral partners identify new opportunities and are compensated for their involvement in the selling process, based on their participation. All business is sold through Entrust with the referring partner receiving a commission upon Entrust receiving payment from the customer.

Entrust Certificate Services

Become an official reseller of Entrust digital certificates to maximize revenue opportunities. Entrust’s reseller program is the smart approach to providing your customers with digital certificates from one of the most trusted brands in security. Entrust certificate services resellers are backed by the support, leadership and expertise of Entrust!


Technology Partners leverage Entrust toolkits and products to address customer’s business needs. Technology Partner solutions are integrated, tested and qualified to help deliver successful working solutions to customers. This self-service and web-driven program provides tools that assist third-party vendors as they develop and test their own commercial applications with the goal of achieving interoperability and compatibility with Entrust software.

Program participants have access to development and testing tools that may assist the Partner in adding Entrust enhanced security to their applications and may allow them to verify interoperability and compatibility in order to earn the Entrust Ready designation.

The Entrust TrustedPartner Program helps to provide Technology Partners with various opportunities to win and increase the loyalty of new and existing customers through enhanced or expanded product capabilities.

Technology Partner Benefits

  • Access to Entrust Sales Organization
  • Marketing Resources (Partial)
  • Partner and Solutions Directory
  • Press Release Support
  • Customer Wins Template
  • Relationship Management (Partial)
  • Not-for-Resale (NFR) Software
  • Technical Support
  • Developer Templates and Tools


Expanding distribution channels through partners is key to Entrust’s strategy for reaching the global market place. Distribution Partners are organizations with an established track record of building and maintaining two tier Distribution networks in specific geographies. These partners provide product access, inventory management, marketing, financing, training and support services to its reseller community. Distribution Partners typically have a national presence.

Distribution Partner Membership Criteria

  • Derive at least 75% of total revenue from a core business of software product distribution through formal distribution agreements with a reseller community.
  • Obtain and maintain Entrust, Inc. credit approval
  • Have demonstrated inventory management capabilities
  • Provide financing options to its resellers
  • Have an inside and direct-to-reseller sales force
  • Have the infrastructure to provide pre-sales technical support, technical training and sales training for its resellers
  • Have the ability to provide monthly and quarterly POS reports on sell-thru
  • Capacity to execute sales promotions and campaigns for security related solutions in designated geographical regions designed to create awareness and generate revenue for Entrust products.
  • Have a minimum of one named marketing specialist on staff who supports the marketing and sales of Entrust software.

Distribution Partner Benefits

  • Access to Entrust Sales Organization
  • Marketing Resources
  • Partner and Solutions Directory
  • Press Release Support
  • Relationship Management
  • Relationship Plan
  • Jump Start Plan
  • Market Development Fund
  • Not-for-Resale (NFR) software
  • Internal Use Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Services Hours
  • Professional Services Mentoring
  • Professional Services Job Shadowing
  • Professional Services Templates & Best Practices


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