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Company Description

Zeva is a technology-driven company delivering software solutions and expert consulting to commercial and government markets. Our principals have over 20 years experience building solutions for Microsoft technology, and optimizing the Microsoft software investments of our customers. We serve as a trusted Microsoft Architecture Advisor to more than half of our commercial and government clients, and we are proud to have earned a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Solution Description

Zeva makes use of Entrust's crypto toolkits to enable their DecryptNaBox to work in an Entrust PKI environment. This integration enables bulk decryption of data protected using Entrust's encryption for use cases like compliance and eDiscovery.

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11700 Plaza America Drive
Suite 700
Reston, Virginia 20190
United States

Contact Information:
[email protected]


  • Program:
  • Technology Alliance Program
  • Technology
    • Encryption, Database Security, Tokenization