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Sixscape Communications is a Singapore-based cryptographic authentication and communications cybersecurity vendor focused on digital certificate-based automation and security across email, voice/video/chat communications, IoT, and password-less authentication.

Solution Description

Sixscape and Entrust partner to solve issues regarding secure email and S/MIME certificate deployment, with a patented infrastructure for S/MIME certificate requests, retrieval, deployment, and ongoing lifecycle management. The partnership provides end-to-end deployment and management of secure email including the following functionality:

  • Digitally signed and encrypted email
  • Full, secure, private key escrow with HSM integration
  • Retrospective encryption of all previous emails with the newly deployed certificate
  • Mobile device deployment using iOS and Android apps in addition to MDM (mobile device management) support and integration
  • Secure, unlimited file-size file transfer using the same S/MIME certificate
  • External party email encryption

The solution solves the following legacy issues:

  • Deployment of S/MIME certificates at-scale to desktops, corporate-issued mobile devices, BYOD, and remote users
  • Complete lifecycle management, including renewals and revocation
  • Protection of the private key through key escrow
  • Ability to decrypt legacy and historical emails and re-encrypt them with the new certificate
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance
Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program


  • Digital Signing
  • Encryption, Database Security


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