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Salt Group is a provider of trust in high assurance identity and authentication of users and transactions across critical digital interactions. Their focus is on providing trust across online service delivery channels in a range of business sectors and application areas. Salt Group has developed an innovative authentication platform that interwork with Entrust’s nShield HSMs to provide cost effective, high assurance transaction and user authentication for banking and government applications. Salt Group’s Safetronic is an enterprise grade security platform that provides a single trust anchor for authentication of user identities and transactions across all digital channels and protection of high value B2B corporate payments. Safetronic utilises nShield HSMs to provide various cryptographic functions to ensure the integrity of the authentication service. Salt Group has expert knowledge in the configuration and deployment of the nShield product range including advanced nShield CodeSafe development. Additional Resources Solution Brief: Salt Group’s Safetronic platform Download

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Solution Brief: nShield Salt Group Safetronic

Solution Brief: Secure, scalable, and automated payment submissions


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