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exceet Secure Solutions GmbH is subsidiary of exceet Group AG, an international technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing solutions in the business areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and IT security. Started in 2002 as a specialist for securing electronic business processes with the help of qualified electronic signatures and timestamps, the company's product offerings build up a multi-level security architecture that includes secure IoT gateways with hardware-based encryption, hardware security modules (HSM), PKI solutions and services for electronic signatures and timestamps, and trust center operation.


exceet offers solutions with high demands for quality, stability, and above all, safety. As a complete solution provider; implementation begins with the use-of-potential analysis, extends beyond the creation of IT security concepts, and ends with successful piloting – with the integration of the overall solution into existing processes. As a subsidiary of an innovative technology group, the intragroup production of required hardware completes the range of services.

The exceet Connect Trust device management solution integrates with the Entrust nShield Connect hardware security module (HSM) to safeguard and manage the critical cryptographic keys used for secure devices’ digital identities across their lifecycle.

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Exceet Secure Solution GmbH



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Data Sheet: Entrust nShield Connect