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EfficientIP provides DDI appliances delivering value added DNS-DHCP services and IPAM (IP Address Management) for hardened security, high availability and easy management. EfficientIP’s solution SOLIDserver™ offers an integrated solution bringing a comprehensive visibility, unparalleled control and automated management of DNS-DHCP services and IPAM in a single process.

SOLIDserver™ is the key solution for DNS-DHCP projects from Datacenter and Internet DNS to LAN infrastructures and cloud computing, helping organizations facing today’s challenges of dynamic infrastructures: IPv6, BYOD, DNS security (DNSSEC), and virtualization. The SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance suite is integrated with the Entrust nShield Connect HSM to ensure simple DNSSEC key management with the highest levels of security.

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  • nFinity Partner Program
  • nFinity HSM
    • Network Security, Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)

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