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Company Description

Device Authority provides solutions to address the challenges of identity and access management for the Internet of things (IoT) without human intervention. The company helps customers and partners simplify the process of establishing trust for the IoT, enabling an end-to-end security architecture that scales through innovative technology.

Device Authority’s purpose-built KeyScaler platform provides trust for IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem. KeyScaler uses dynamic device key generation (DDKG) and PKI Signature+ to deliver simplicity and trust to IoT devices. This solution provides automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management, automated password management, and policy-driven data encryption. Industry verticals served include industrial, healthcare, transportation, smart connected products, video surveillance, and other large-scale security sensitive environments.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform integrates with Entrust’s nShield® Connect hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect and manage critical cryptographic keys used at the root of trust to secure the IoT ecosystem.

Entrust PKI CA Services are also integrated with KeyScaler. Learn more here.

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Device Authority


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