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Company Description

ALIOTH ( is Russia’s leading manufacturer of Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, JCB, and MIR payment cards, and the developer of the SCOne card operating system, which is a certified solution for payment cards, and a universal platform for the development of non-financial services. Hi-tech innovative products, a professional team of developers, broad expertise in the payment card segment and an approach tailored to each client make ALIOTH a trusted partner and generator of ideas for the majority of Russian banks, of which over 250 are ALIOTH customers.

Jointly Integrated Solutions

Through participation in the EMV – Card Manufacturer Technology Program track and in cooperation with Entrust, both companies work closely together to share technical specifications, product roadmaps and EMV expertise needed to develop personalization applications for customers. Customers drive all development work but the program is designed so that the card manufacturers and Entrust cooperate in support of EMV card projects based on current and technologically advancing issuance needs.

For more information on our integration, please consult the EMV-Card Manufacturer Technology Program track description.

Solution Description

Alioth Ltd. together with Entrust cooperate in sharing EMV technology specifications and the support needed to deliver on customer EMV development and implementation projects.

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Alioth, Ltd

26B, bld. 2, Bolshaya Pochtovaya Str.
Moscow, 105082

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