Sharing Information to Fight Fraud

The Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network is an information sharing service designed to help combat online fraud by consolidating and sharing key fraud behavior patterns and data among network participants. It is focused on providing participating members the latest fraud behaviors and tactics as well as key data for helping to detect and combat fraud as it evolves. The Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network is a key component of Entrust’s layered security architecture.

A New Weapon Against Fraud
The Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network represents a powerful new weapon in the war on fraud. by consolidating information from a variety of sources, including fraud patterns that have been experienced by leading global financial services organizations. The combination of fraud data and the ability to share fraud experiences promises to be a significant advancement in the way fraud can be detected and addressed.


Rapid Response as Fraud Tactics Evolve
The Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network is designed to provide for rapid dissemination of data to help address impending fraud attacks as they evolve in real time. The data includes IP-Geolocation information, anonymous and open proxy data sourced from leading independent organizations, including MaxMind. Armed with this data, organizations will be more able to implement and respond to known and new types of fraud including Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks.

An Open Network
Unlike competing product offerings that provide a limited set of behavioral profiles and restricted ability to rapidly react to new fraud patterns, the Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network will help enable organizations to understand new fraud patterns and implement solutions. Injecting the latest data and fraud behaviors into leading fraud detection products, including Entrust TransactionGuard, can help to more effectively address fraud. Unlike competing closed networks, Entrust does not require participants to deploy proprietary software to be eligible to participate in and benefit from the network.

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