Non-pooling Inventory Expiration FAQs

How do I know when my inventory is expiring?

There are several ways as follows, which will be available as of the March 29, 2016 release:

  1. Login to your account on the Entrust Certificate Services and view the Dashboard on the Entrust panel. The “Actions” widget will provide a warning if any inventory expires prior to 90 days. The warning will hyperlink to the “View Expiring Inventory” page. [Dashboards > Entrust > ACTIONS]
  2. Login to your account on the Entrust Certificate Services and navigate to the “View Expiring Inventory” page. This page shows you which licenses are closest to expiring.  [Administration > Inventory > View Expiring Inventory]
  3. Login to your account on the Entrust Certificate Services and display the “Expiring Inventory” widget on the Entrust Dashboard. [Dashboards > Entrust > Click the gear icon to select widget for display]

How do I select expiring inventory for deployment?

When you issue certificates, licenses are utilized in a “first-in first-out” basis, meaning inventory closest to expiry is consumed first by default. However, depending on the type of cert expiring and what is needed, an inventory Swap may help avoid expiration of unused inventory. [Help > Tools > Swap Calculator]

What if I have units left that are coming close to expiry, how can I avoid losing those units?

By renewing those units early, the remaining time will be added on to the validity period as long as it does not exceed the maximum allowable term (of 39 months for OV or 27 months for EV).

What happens to my unused certificate units that are already in inventory?

Please use all current unused inventory units by March 29, 2017, the date when existing inventory will first expire.

What happens to the inventory that I purchase between now and March 29, 2016?

All unused inventory units purchased between now and March 29, 2016, will expire on March 29, 2017.

Will my active certificates be impacted by this?

No.  Active certificates will remain active according to the validity period established by the certificate expiry date.

Does this apply only for SSL Certificates or are other types of certificate also affected?

All digital certificate inventory is subject to the terms of our subscriber agreement.

I have accounts with both pooling (Standard, Advantage, Wildcard, UC Multi-Domain, EV Multi-domain and Private SSL) and non-pooling (Code Signing, Adobe CDS or Secure Email Enterprise) subscription models.  How does this impact my accounts?

Pooling Certificate inventory licenses are not impacted by the inventory expiration policy.  However, the non-pooling units are subject to these changes.