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Entrust Solution Validated to Comply with German Interoperability Standard

Entrust Authority? Security Manager Becomes First Security Solution to Conform to Specification for the CA Server Product Class

17 Nov 2003

BRUSSELS – Entrust, Inc. [NASDAQ: ENTU], a world leader in securing digital identities and information, today announced it has been awarded an ISIS-MTT compliance label for the product class “CA Server” for Entrust Authority? Security Manager from the ISIS-MTT Board, confirming the favorable recommendation of Secorvo Security Consulting, an approved independent verification lab based in Germany.

The ISIS-MTT Specification is a crucial interoperability standard for e-Government and e-Business applications that was developed by TeleTrust, a non-profit organization for the promotion of trusted information and communication technology, in conjunction with T7, a non-profit Trustcentre Working Group.  This achievement signifies that the Entrust Authority Security Manager has passed a comprehensive suite of test cases designed to foster the creation of interoperable security products for European business and government customers.

“Entrust continues to be a leader in the development of secure and open standards, which is evident through its support of international industry standards for the development of open e-government and e-business solutions,” said Arno Fiedler, project manager at ISIS-MTT. “Interoperable electronic signatures and encryption clearly enhance the level of acceptance of security-related solutions.  This acceptance is a pre-requisite for widespread use of digital certificates in electronic commerce in the German market.”

“We are very excited that Entrust has been awarded the ISIS-MTT compliance label,” said Kevin Simzer, chief marketing officer for Entrust.  “ISIS-MTT is a crucial interoperability standard that is fast becoming mandatory for e-Government applications and is supported by the German government for use by all public, private and financial sectors.”

The Entrust Authority Security Manager architecture extends across many applications, including VPNs and firewall applications, to securely authenticate Internet communications.  Supported by the German government for use by public, private and financial sectors, the ISIS-MTT compliance effort focuses primarily on user benefit in the delivery of interoperable digital signature, encryption and authentication application methods for securing electronic transactions.

The Entrust Authority Security Manager portfolio is the backbone of Entrust’s digital identity-based Internet security offerings.  As the market-leading product in its category, the Entrust Authority portfolio of software enables identification, entitlements, verification and privacy by providing security management to applications in a consistent, transparent and automated way.

About TeleTrusT
TeleTrusT was founded in 1989 to promote the security of information and communication technology in an open systems environment.

The non-profit organization was constituted with the aim of:

  • achieving acceptance of the digital signature as an instrument conferring legal validity on electronic transactions;
  • supporting research into methods of safeguarding electronic data interchange (EDI), application of its results, and development of standards in this field;
  • collaborating with institutes and organizations in other countries with the aim of harmonizing objectives and standards within the European Union.

TeleTrusT supports the incorporation of trusted services in planned or existing IT applications of public administration, organisations and industry. Special attention is being paid to secure services and their management for trustworthy electronic communication.