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Department of Treasury Taps Entrust to Provide Enhanced Internet Security

Secure Web Portal, Secure VPN and desktop solution will allow users to securely access data and enable secure transactions over the Internet

13 Aug 2002

DALLAS – Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), a leading global provider of Internet security solutions and services, today announced a US $882,000 contract with the U.S. Department of Treasury to provide enhanced security for the department’s network infrastructure. The program calls for the deployment of Entrust enhanced Internet security for the department’s users including a Secure Web Portal, Secure VPN and desktop solution.

“Secure communication within the department’s dozen bureaus is essential, especially today,” said Mayi Canales, Treasury chief information officer.  “We needed a security infrastructure that would allow us to safely share critical information among our staff without compromising performance. We now have the full complement of security solutions to protect vital documents and information across bureaus while providing authentication, digital signature and enhanced encryption capabilities for any application.”

“The Department of Treasury has taken a significant step in providing the enhanced Internet security requirement for E-Government,” said Bill Conner, chairman, president and CEO of Entrust. “We are pleased with the progress and leadership that the Department of Treasury has demonstrated with this initiative. This project should be considered a model for providing Internet security for critical information and assets.”

The Entrust Secure Web Portal Solution includes Entrust GetAccess, Entrust TruePass 6.0 and Entrust Authority software. While Entrust GetAccess allows basic entitlements and single sign on, Entrust TruePass 6.0 provides enhanced identification by supporting multiple methods of authentication including local storage of digital IDs, challenge and response questions, PIN servers, mobile phones and smart cards.  All three products combine to provide the necessary identification, entitlements, verification, privacy and security management capabilities for Web-based applications.

Entrust Entelligence and Entrust Authority enable enhanced privacy, identification, and verification by allowing users to encrypt and digitally sign e-mail messages. This solution leverages the current enterprise infrastructure and integrates with most existing messaging platforms. It also seamlessly secures e-mail messages in transit and while stored on the desktop.

About U.S. Department of Treasury
The United States Treasury Department is entrusted with a broad range of duties and functions. In addition to monetary functions such as budgets, taxes, and currency production and circulation, Treasury also oversees critical functions in law enforcement, economic policy development, and international treaty negotiation. Treasury departments include: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Bureau of Engraving and Printing; Bureau of the Public Debt; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; Financial Management Service; Internal Revenue Service; Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; Office of Thrift Supervision; U.S. Customs Service; U.S. Mint; U.S. Secret Service.