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Datacard Group Announces New Card Validation Program for Financial Card Manufacturers and Suppliers

MINNETONKA, Minn.—(May 13, 2014)—Datacard Group today announced a new card validation program targeted to card manufacturers and suppliers that allows them to validate the compatibility of their EMV smart cards with Datacard® personalization solutions.

Given the complexity and secure design of smart cards—including the data encryption element, personalization and security keys—card manufacturers and suppliers need to ensure that their cards are working with personalization systems that are on the market today.  With Datacard Group’s new card validation program, card manufacturers and suppliers will now be able to receive verification that their smart cards work with Datacard hardware and software systems.  If they are pre-validated, issuers will receive a discount on the pre-validated Chip Library for any issuers requiring those cards with EMV personalization.

“Financial issuers who implement a new smart card program typically find that they have issues with the cards during the middle of the roll-out of their program,” said Jeff Davison, vice president of global solutions and professional services for Datacard Group.  “By then, they have already invested time and money into selecting the type of cards they want, as well as the personalization system and technologies that work within their budgets and/or needs.  And, they do this without the proper validation that cards and personalization systems work well together.”

Given the amount of investment it takes by financial organizations to implement a new smart card program, it is important for them to protect their investments.  By partnering with card manufacturers to validate smart cards, Datacard Group will help resolve any issues prior to full production and mass roll-out of card programs.

“As smart cards are sent through various systems to be personalized and issued, there could be problems with the personalization of the chip – ultimately resulting in slow down of operations and more costs associated with fixing the problem,” added Davison.  “With the launch of this program, financial organizations can feel more confident in their programs if the cards they are issuing have been fully verified by Datacard Group.”

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