Near-Field Communication (NFC): Introduction

Part 1 of 5 in the Series — Consumerization & NFC

By now, most consumers are enjoying the benefits of mobile devices. Or, for a select few, they’re pulling their hair out trying to manage an untold number of mobile devices in an enterprise network. Either way, I think we all agree that mobile devices are here to stay. As time passes, these devices will accumulate more features and functions. And many people believe one specifically, near-field communication (NFC), could be disruptive to established security deployments.

Over next few weeks I will post blog entries defining the technology, its applications and the impact on the enterprise (or organizations). The goal of the series is to educate people on NFC and why it will benefit consumers and organizations. Since this is the first posting on the topic, I’ll start from scratch and define NFC and outline reasons enterprises should care about yet another technology standard.

Stay tuned!


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