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Building Online Trust for Banks & FIs

mobile-banking-icon-smA global security veteran, Entrust has long been trusted to safeguard the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions. And while solutions often include strong authentication and real-time fraud detection, the use of SSL certificates remains a cornerstone of building a strategic layered security defense.

That’s why Entrust is diligent in its innovation, offering SSL certificates that help secure and protect the customers of the top banks and financial institutions. Better yet, this trust is also extended to the mobile channel — ensuring your customers are protected every step of the way.

Mobile SSL Certificates for FIs

Even with easy-to-use websites and secure mobile apps, customers often still use mobile websites to log in to their bank or financial institutions. Thankfully, Entrust SSL certificates are trusted and compatible with 99.5 percent of the world’s mobile browsers.

No invalid certificates messages. No login errors. Just a simple, smooth and secure mobile experience for your customers.

Industry Leadership

Entrust has long been a leader in the adoption and promotion of the standards critical to the SSL trust infrastructure. Entrust also is the first North American certification authority (CA) to complete a third-party audit to verify compliance with the CA/Browser Forum’s newest SSL standards, “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates.”

100% Uptime

Your banking customers rely on your website. That’s why Entrust provides 100 percent scheduled uptime with a fast, trusted and reliable revocation process. Revocation services, which vary between CAs, are critical to customer security. When there’s an outage of an OCSP service or the revocation check doesn’t receive a response, the affected Web page will not load.

Fast SSL service.
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Cloud-Based Services

From automated certificate discovery to end-to-end control, Entrust provides easy-to-use certificate management — right from the cloud. Entrust’s cloud-based services help organizations reduce costs, simplify management, avoid compliance ramifications and defend against data breaches.

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Did you know that 98.5 percent of Entrust Certificate Management customers renew their SSL digital certificates? Whether it’s the one-on-one support, easy-to-use online interface or the comprehensive management capabilities, Entrust SSL customers understand the value of dedicated service.

Dedicated Managers

No matter which certificate you purchase, Entrust Certificate Services offer dedicated relationship managers — someone you can contact directly if an SSL resolution is required. It’s the stress-free way of fixing any certificate challenges you find along the way.

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