Malware Will Only Grow More Formidable in Coming Years


First it attacks our computers, then it invades our bodies. This may seem like the tagline to a cheesy horror movie, but in reality it is a statement of the trajectory malware is on if left to its own devices.

Today’s problem is that many businesses simply aren’t cognizant of the enormous risk posed by lackluster enterprise security.

When a company decides against adequately defending its identity, it not only opens up its infrastructure to attack, but the organization also unwittingly creates a space for cybercrime to grow stronger.

Malware is, after all, parasitic. It feeds off vulnerability and grows from it. As a recent Tom’s Guide article pointed out, this leads to malicious strains like ransomware becoming more of a threat now than ever before.

Thus, businesses that fail to enact robust protective strategies like strong authentication are contributing to the growth of a parasite that is, as we should point out, not wanting for sustenance.

Article Paints Terrifying Picture of Future Malware
If you thought the cybercriminal landscape of today was bad, perhaps you should look forward a few years.

According to Fox Business contributor Jason Glassberg, the virtual threats of the future will target more than just computer systems — they may also take aim at the human body. That is because individuals and enterprises are increasingly reliant upon smart, Wi-Fi-connected technology to help improve daily functionality.

This could present significant problems for workplaces. Let’s say, for instance, that an office a few years from now has a smart system to regulate in-house lighting. All it would take is a hacker finding his or her way into the infrastructure that controls that system to boost the lights up to potentially dangerous levels.

This is all the more reason to look into enterprise security — and, specifically, device certificates in some cases — today rather than tomorrow.


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