We’ve partnered with industry leader SiteLock to bring you an extra level of security that protects your data, your business and your customers. This FREE upgraded service included with all Entrust SSL products scans your website daily, hunting down harmful code, malware or other malicious attacks that could threaten, disrupt or shut down your site.

And, if you’re an Entrust EV SSL customer, SiteLock’s SMART Tool (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) goes a step further by examining your website’s source code. If the scan uncovers a potential threat, SMART will notify you via e-mail and automatically remediate the threat, so you can stop it before it stops YOU!

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Entrust and SiteLock can save you time, money and hassle

  • Daily Malware Scan

    SiteLock’s malware scanning checks your website each day for risks, and validates them to ensure they are real threats. This early warning system helps you steer clear of search engine blacklists, protect your business reputation and maintain your SEO rankings.

  • Reputation Management

    Protect your website from landing on search engine and email blacklists with monitoring and reputation management. Make sure your communications reach your customers, not their spam filters or anti-virus software.

For Entrust EV Certificates, the protection also includes:

  • Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART)

    If malware is detected in the source code of your website, SMART can automatically remove it so that your website maintains a safe and secure environment for your visitors.

  • Network Security Scanning

    SiteLock’s network scanning feature checks the thousands of ports on your server to make sure only the appropriate ones are open for your server type.

  • Application Scanning

    Outdated or vulnerable applications are the most popular way for criminals to gain access to your website and data. Daily scanning reviews all of your programs to verify they are up-to-date and free of known vulnerabilities.

How it works

Daily malware scanning is like an alarm system that goes off whenever a door opens or anything changes from its normal state. When the scan finds something that doesn’t look right, it sends you an automatic email alert, so you can stop it before it stops you!

If you’re an Entrust EV SSL customer, SiteLock’s SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) tool automatically identifies AND removes anything harmful – much like a monitored alarm system sends the police to take away the bad guys.

Why it’s better

Many security services perform only surface-level scans, but we examine your site from the inside-out AND outside-in. This enables us to detect vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to harm your business – like outdated applications or open back-end points of entry.

Why YOU need it today!

A typical website can have thousands of potential vulnerabilities for malware injection. Without your knowledge, hackers can easily attack your website by finding weaknesses on your web server. Outdated applications alone are like an unlocked door, providing easy access for criminals to your website and data – which is why daily scans are more critical than ever.

Don’t let malware wreak havoc on your business by:

  • Spreading viruses
  • Stealing personal or financial data
  • Hijacking computers
  • Infecting your customers’ computers after they visit your site
  • Impacting the online reputation of your business
Protect Yourself, Your Business and Your Customers - Learn How

Stay Online – and Off Internet Blacklists

If Google detects malware on your site, they can “blacklist” you – threatening your reputation, your search engine rank and your entire business.  What’s more, your hosting provider will likely take your site offline as well, creating visitor mistrust, angry customers and potential lost revenue.

Stay up to date by identifying outdated applications that leave you vulnerable to attack.  SiteLock uses industry and proprietary lists to help you identify, update and secure your site.

Prevent SQL injection and cross-site scripting.  Entrust and SiteLock scans your website to detect vulnerability to common attacks, such a cross-site scripting attacks or SQL injection.  The network scan checks thousands of server ports to ensure that only appropriate ports are open for your server type.

Data Breaches and Malware Attacks are on the Rise

Protect yourself against the huge increase in threats to your online business and customers.

  • 1+ million new strains of malware created every week.
  • Over 30,000 new websites hacked daily
  • Nearly 50,000 websites blacklisted weekly by Google

Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Get started today to ensure a safe, secure experience for everyone on your site.

For complete details on website scanning technology, read the SiteLock Technology Guide