Security Solutions for Law Enforcement
Security Solutions for
Law Enforcement

Advanced Authentication & Secure Collaboration

For today’s law enforcement community, intelligence is a mandatory component of fighting crime. The Internet facilitates the free flow of intelligence, but comes with the risk of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorized personal.

Entrust mitigates this risk by providing identity-based security solutions for law enforcement that simplifies authenticated access for officers, reduces cost for agency management and enables compliance to local, regional, state and national regulations.

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By the nature of their jobs, law enforcement officers must be authenticated for secure physical and/or logical access multiple times each day. This may be required to access networks to obtain information to assist in the investigation of a crime or securely storing police equipment or confiscated assets of criminal activity.

Entrust enables law enforcement agencies and organizations to consolidate physical and logical access control with a uniform user identity that is managed via the Entrust IdentityGuard software authentication platform. This provides the user with the convenience of a single authenticator while consolidating management, improving ROI and providing a stronger security position.

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Secure Email
& Collaboration

The critical exchange of sensitive intelligence — whether within a single law enforcement organization or across the globe — must be executed securely and in a timely manner to protect the integrity of both the information and investigation.

Entrust secure collaboration solutions — specifically Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server — enable encrypted communication between individuals or groups. The solution can be initiated at the desktop by the user or it can automatically encrypt the information for the user as it leaves the agency or organization.

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To help protect collaboration between law enforcement agencies, a strict set of security controls must be adhered to by organizations that access or exchange information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. Applicable to criminal and non-criminal agencies alike, the policy provides a “minimum set of security requirements” for access to the CJIS database maintained by the FBI.

Entrust supports every authentication method defined in the CJIS policy and allows organizations to meet the September 2014 requirement while minimizing the impact on officers, agents, court officials and more.

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