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Renew a Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificate with Entrust


You need to renew a Multi-Domain EV SSL certificate.


This article shows you how to renew a Multi-Domain EV SSL certificate.

Important changes to note before you renew

  • As of December 14, 2022, we have launched a new online purchasing experience.

  • The certificates will provide the same level of security and function as they did before.

  • We now offer 1-5 year subscription terms, which provide an opportunity for additional cost savings.

  • Your Certificate Services account will have a fresh look and feel once you renew and login. If you manage multiple certificates, they will all fall under this account. You need to add your domain name(s) in your account after your purchase and you will see a list of required actions to complete verification.

How to renew

  • If you need to renew a Multi-Domain EV SSL certificate, click here to buy your certificate now and add as many extra domains as you need at checkout.

  • Be sure you use the same email address to log into your current Entrust certificate management account.

Required steps after your purchase

  1. Check your inbox: you will receive an email with instructions to log into your account

  2. You can view your existing SSL/TLS certificates under Certificates > Migrated Certificates

  3. Complete verification

  4. Set up your certificate