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Certificate Services Support

When I try to log in to the eStore to renew my CMS Lite certificate, I receive an error.
As of December 14th, 2022, our workflows have changed. To migrate to the new and improved experience, you must purchase a new license and subscription from our eStore ( without logging in during the first purchase.

Here are the basic steps to purchase an issuance a certificate through the new experience:
  1. Purchase a subscription and license
  2. Log in to your ECS account and submit your certificate details
    • Domain (e.g., =
    • Client (e.g., Entrust Corporation)
  3. Complete the verification process of your information
  4. Issue the certificate
To migrate from your CMS Lite account to your new ECS Subscription experience, follow these steps:
  1. Go to
    • Note: Do NOT log in to your account; place the order using the email address that is your login for your CMS Lite account. Your orders will be migrated into the new subscription account once you have completed the order.
  2. Select the product you want to renew. (Note: If you do not see the web certificate type, see the help topic below "I do not see the certificate type that I need to renew.")
  3. Place your order.
  4. You will receive a Subscription Confirmation Email; follow the steps to update your password and log in to the new subscription experience. All certificate orders from your CMS Lite account will be migrated in a "Migrated Certificates" report.
  5. Submit your certificate information to be verified and approved by Entrust; once approved, you can issue your new certificate. This is all done through our "Getting Started" wizard, available once you log in to your account.

I do not see the certificate type that I need to renew

We have combined the Standard OV certificate, the Advantage OV certificate, and the Multi-Domain OV certificate into a single product called Standard Plus OV certificate.
Standard OV Plus SSLStandard OV SSL
Advantage OV SSL
Multi-Domain OV SSL
Note: If you are switching from Multi-Domain OV SSL to our new Standard Plus SSL license, you will need to purchase additional SANs.
Standard OV Plus SSLMulti-Domain OV SSL
Common Name:
SAN01 =
SAN02 =
Common Name:
SAN01 =
SAN02 =
SAN03 =
SAN04 =
SAN05 =
  • To match the UC Multi-Domain, you would need to add 3x "Extra Domain for OV SSL"
  • You can still add up to 250 additional SANs.
Why is a subscription better?
  • The subscription service will enable you to save money by purchasing a subscription for longer than 1 year.
  • Future renewals and purchases of new certificates will be faster, as you will no longer have to resubmit your certificate information to be re-verified each time you renew or purchase a new certificate license, as long as the domain and organization are the same.
  • As long as your subscription is active and you stay up to date with your certificate information, you can issue certificates on the fly pending your available licenses.
Where do I enter my domain names, SANs, or CSR in the new eStore?​​​​​​
Do this after you purchase your subscription and license and log into your account. The good news is that you need to submit the certificate information only once, and it will be reused for future renewals or new certificates. You no longer have to wait for the information to verify.

Why has the eStore changed?

Our eStore was designed many years ago, and the user experience, certificate management, and product range no longer corresponded to the expectations of a certificate eStore in 2023. The new eStore provides:
  • A more modern experience, with the option to buy multiple products in one go and a great certificate lifecycle management platform
  • The full portfolio of products under Entrust Certificate Services, including our new “as a service” offering
  • A buying flow that lets people who are not certificate managers take care of the purchase process without the need to manipulate CSRs, domain name lists, etc., and leave the certificate issuance and management process to the relevant person or team
  • A subscription model instead of a traditional product purchase to allow for more flexibility in certificate issuance and management

I am an existing Enterprise customer – do I need to purchase via the new eStore going forward?

Our retail eStore was built for customers who do not yet have an account with us. If you already have an ECS account, you can log in as usual to your Entrust Certificate Services portal to buy licenses and issue new certificates:

I don’t see the personal S/MIME certificate on the new eStore

Personal S/MIME certificates are now managed by our partner PSW Group. You can buy your Personal S/MIME certificate here: