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MX Series-419

Service recommendation is that that customers follow these steps when switching to the new ink.
  • Update to the latest CI Patch containing changes for white ink, details of change:
    • 10.4 patch 018
    • 10.3 patch 026
    • 6.15 patch tbc
    • “Added a new stock number to the Drop On Demand Ink Stock DOD_WHITE. The white stock will now contain both 515520-005 and 515520-007 stock numbers.”
  • When system indicates white ink is empty.
    • Disable white ink channel.
    • Run system empty primitive for the white ink channel including air flush of white channel.
  • For Gen 1.0 and Gen 1.5, clean white bulk tank.
  • Replace filters on white channel lines.
  • Replace white bulk tank on Gen 1.0 and Gen 1.5 modules.
  • Fill bulk tank on Gen 1.0 and Gen 1.5 modules.
  • System fill white channel for all module types.
  • Enable white ink channel.
  • Run 2 purge cycles.
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