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How to Onboard a Printer to Instant IDaaS


How-to Video: Printer Onboarding for Instant IDaaS

How-to Video

Onboard a Printer to Instant IDaaS


How to Onboard a Printer with Instant IDaaS

This video demonstrates how to prepare a Sigma DS1, DS2, DS3 printer for cloud and onboard to Instant IDaaS.

It also demonstrates how to prepare and onboard the following printer models, provided they meet the serial number criteria listed:

  • CD800 - C85620 or later
  • CD820 - H24564 or later
  • CE840 - G14422 or later
  • CE870 - E23217 or later
  • SD260L - D19029 or later
  • SD360 - B50321 or later
  • SD460 - J14416 or later

For information on other printers, refer to the How-to Video found here .