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Authorization Code Request and XE2 Control Board Replacement for DOD and Multi-Point Laser Modules

Replace the XE2 Control Board

If a system requires service due to a defective control board, use the following process to replace the control board.


1. Replace the defective board.

a. Power down the system and unplug the facility power cord.
b. Remove the front panels from the module.
c. Mark and disconnect all connectors to the module control board.
d. Remove the defective module control board and install the replacement module control board from Kit, Part No. 525408-001.
e. Install the printing module front panels.
f. Restore power to the system. The Controller module production screen shows the machine in an Offline state.

2. Review the default connector mapping diagram.

a. Access system Diagnostics. The module displays in the list of the system modules on the left side of the screen as Generic. Select Controller from the list.
b. Select Utilities > Run SysCon.

MRB 10
The New Diagram - System Configurator screen displays.
MRB 11

c. Select File > Open File and navigate to the Configs folder.
d. Select the configuration file for the replacement module type and click OK.

Module NameConfiguration File Name
Multi-Point LaserLaserGen-3.mxe
Drop on Demand - Black & WhiteDOD_Printer_(Black_&_White).mxe
Drop on Demand - ColorDOD_Printer_(Color).mxe
Drop on Demand - Pre-TreatDOD_Printer_PreTreat.mxe
Drop on Demand - StandaloneDOD_Standalone_InkDeliverySystem.mxe

e. A message displays that the module is non-configurable. Click Save.

f. Click Yes to acknowledge that you are replacing the configuration file.

3. Enter the Board IP Address

a. In the New Diagram - System Configuration screen, select File > Export.
b. Click Yes to overwrite the existing file.
c. Enter the IP address of the suspect module (172.27.0.x) in the Enter board IP Address box. Click OK.
d. Click OK to confirm that the operation was successful.

4. Reload the replacement module VPD.

a. Power-cycle the system and return to system Diagnostics. The replacement module type now displays in the list of system modules.
b. Select the module from the list.
c. Select File > Reload module VPD from file.
d. Click OK to overwrite the existing file.
e. Navigate to the most recent VPD snapshot zip file and click Save.
f. Click OK to confirm that the operation was successful.

5. If necessary, select the Adjust and Test tab. Run exercises to verify that all module components are functional.

Obtain an Authorization Code

NOTE: Installing a replacement control board triggers a temporary card count limitation depending on the system type. Use the following procedure to obtain the authorization code.
The authorization code process is time-sensitive. The control board must be received by Datacard before Datacard will release the new authorization code. For this reason, it is critical to return the defective control board as soon as possible.

This procedure is not required for Datacard-employed customer engineers. Datacardemployed customer engineers should use the authorization code process described in the CE Playbook.

1. Fill out the“Authorization Code Request Worksheet” on page 10 of this document. The worksheet can be used as a guide to collect the required information needed by Datacard.
Make sure to include the following information:
  • Company and contact information
  • Email and phone number for on-site administrator
  • Serial number from the defective board
  • Serial number of the replacement board
  • Module type and serial number
  • System serial number
NOTE: The control board serial numbers are located as shown in the following figure.
MRB 122. Contact a Datacard representative by phone or Email to get a Service Request Number and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) code.
  • To get an authorization by phone, have the information from the Authorization Code Request Worksheet available, and call one of the following regional numbers:
    • US/Canada 800-328-3996 and follow the prompts for service.
    • Europe +44 1489 55 56 00 option 1 for customer support.
    • Asia +65 62277838 option 1 for customer support.
    • To obtain authorization by email, send an email, with the Authorization Code Request
  • To obtain authorization by email, send an email, with the Authorization Code Request Worksheet to the closest regional service center:
When all the information is received, Datacard Order Management will respond with the service request number and RMA number.

Return the Defective Control Board

In order to receive a new activation code, the defective control board must be returned to the Datacard facility. Use the following procedure for shipping the board.


1. Insert the defective control board into the packaging that originally contained the replacement control board.

2. Insert the Authorization Code Request Worksheet. Make sure that the Service Request number and RMA code are on the worksheet.

3. Write the Service Request number on the outside packaging, above the return address.

4. Send the package to Datacard.

When the defective control board has been received by Datacard, the authorization code will be emailed to the address(es) provided on the Authorization Code Request Worksheet (attached).

NOTE: You will not receive a new authorization code until the defective board has been received into inventory by Entrust Datacard. Once it is received, the Authorization Code will be emailed to the address(es) specified on the Authorization Code Request Worksheet.

Activate the Replacement Control Board

When the authorization code is received from Datacard, use the following procedure to write the authorization code to the replacement control board.


1. Stop card production and access system Diagnostics.
2. Select the Controller module from the list of system modules.
3. Select Utilities > MRB Utility.
MRB 13
4. Select the replacement module that requires authorization from the list, and then click OK.
MRB 14
5. Enter the authorization code.
NOTE: The authorization code is found in a text file, auto-generated and sent by Datacard to the email address supplied on the Authorization Code Request Worksheet. The text file name begins with “_SVC_Auth_1_”.
a. The code entry method window displays with the choices a shown in the following figure.
Do one of the following:
MRB 15
  • Select Type in the code to manually enter the authorization code. You can also cut and paste the authorization code from an email of text file.
The following code entry window displays.
MRB 16
  • Enter the module serial number in the first field.
  • Enter the authorization code.
– Manually enter the authorization code in the boxes.
– Select Paste from Clipboard and cut and paste the code.
– Click OK.
Select Import code(s) from a file to automatically retrieve the authorization data from the _SVC_Auth_1_... text file. Navigate to the authorization file location and select the
When the authorization code has been imported from the external file, the window displays the serial number and authorization code.
b. Click OK. The software verifies that a valid code has been used.
c. If the data is not accepted by the system:
i. Acknowledge the MRB Utility: Entered code not accepted message.
ii. Verify and re-enter the data.
iii. If, after two attempts, the code is still not accepted, a new board is required.
– Obtain another board and re-initiate the replacement procedure.
– Do not reuse the service request or RMA number.
When the data has been successfully entered, a window displays the authorization status.
d. When authorization is complete, click OK.
6. Write the authorization code to the replacement board.
a. Power cycle the modules and reset the Controller.
b. Access system Diagnostics and navigate to the Utilities > MRB Utility tab.

If the key code has been properly authorized, it shows up in the list without a warning or limited card count.
MRB 17

7. When the authorization is complete, click OK.
The software writes the authorization code to the replacement board.

8. If the write operation fails, power-cycle the module and re-enter the key code.

9. If the authorization code does not successfully write to the replacement board after two attempts, a new board is required. Obtain another board and re-initiate the replacement
procedure. Do not reuse the service request or RMA number.

10. Make sure that the card count message no longer displays on the operator screen. If the card count message remains after the registration code has been written, a new MRB is required.
Obtain another MRB and re-initiate the replacement procedure.

11. Run test jobs on the system to make sure that all modules are functioning properly.
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