To stay competitive, companies are regularly looking to predict consumer trends. And, with the advancement of technologies, consumers are demanding top-notch services tailored to fit their needs—including convenience, faster turn-a-round times, lower prices and personalized products. More than ever, companies need to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition to ultimately increase consumer satisfaction and sustain loyalty.

Financial institutions have seen debit and prepaid card usage increase anywhere from 14 percent to 21 percent annually. And with consumers demanding more from their brands in return for their loyalty, businesses in the financial market need innovative ideas in order to capitalize on this card usage growth. By creating an instantly gratifying, long-lasting and memorable experience – financial institutions can seamlessly align their needs with its customers’ needs.


Team One Credit Union has seven branch locations throughout Michigan, including branches in Saginaw, Bay, Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac counties. Continually striving to offer the latest, innovative products and services, Team One Credit Union serves over 32,000 people and has an asset size of $300 million. In early 2010, Team One Credit Union recognized that by ensuring customer satisfaction with new and modern products and services, they would not only retain current members, but also attract potential members through their thought leadership.

Team One Credit Union developed their own custom online card application, Picture My Card  (, that could be used in-house or offered to other credit unions, and would enable members to upload their personalized photos to their website so that they could place them on their credit/debit card. In addition, they chose to implement instant issuance, so that when members walked into a branch to receive their personalized card, it could be printed on-demand.

After consulting with Datacard Group, Team One Credit Union decided to implement Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software and Datacard® instant issuance hardware. By implementing this technology, the Team One Credit Union would be able to offer personalized images via their online application, as well as offer their members a gallery of 10 stock images that cardholders could select for their card background. Once the member chose their background, Datacard® solutions would then print and personalize them at the branch and cardholders would also have the ability to use these personalized cards immediately.

Today, depending on their preference, members select either an image from the stock gallery or can upload an image on Team One Credit Union’s Picture My Card program. CardWizard software then transfers all personalization data fully encrypted to the instant issuance hardware which quickly and securely prints, in high-definition color onto both sides of white blank card stock, the personalized unembossed card.

Within one year, Team One Credit Union has experienced a 10 percent card usage increase, and over 50 percent of their members now include imagery on their cards, with 27 percent of these images being personalized photos.

“We are very pleased to have implemented Datacard Group’s instant issue technology,” said Dana Tell, vice president, marketing for Team One Credit Union. “After implementing the program, we have seen a tremendous interest from our members for the customized photo option. Personalized instant issuance is allowing us to be very innovative and offer members a service that they previously could not get. Team One has received tremendous exposure by word of mouth throughout the community and the card program is becoming very popular.”

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