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Why Florida PEs Need a Document Signing Personal Certificate from Entrust

In the state of Florida, PEs are required to follow strict regulations regarding the authentication and integrity of engineering documents. A document signing personal certificate from Entrust provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that documents are not tampered with during transmission and storage.
With a document signing personal certificate, Florida PEs can digitally sign engineering documents with a unique digital signature. This signature is linked to the certificate, and it ensures that the document has not been altered since it was signed. Additionally, the certificate itself is securely encrypted and protected by a password, ensuring that only the authorized individual can use it.


Common Use Cases for Document Signing Personal Certificates

Document signing personal certificates are useful in a wide range of scenarios, including project approvals, bid submissions, client communication, and regulatory compliance. They provide peace of mind that documents are secure and cannot be tampered with, which is particularly important for PEs who must comply with strict regulations.

How to Purchase a Document Signing Personal Certificate from Entrust

To purchase a document signing personal certificate from Entrust, visit their online store and select the “Document Signing Personal” option. This is a self-serve website that requires credit card payment only. Once your payment has been processed and your identity verified, Entrust will complete verification with you then provide you with your certificate and instructions on how to use it.
In conclusion, a document signing personal certificate from Entrust is essential for Florida PEs who want to ensure that their engineering documents are secure, authentic, and tamper-proof. By using this certificate, PEs can sign documents digitally and be confident that they have not been altered since they were signed.
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