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How to create a TXT record on DNSimple for Entrust Email Validation Method ?

  • An account with DNSimple
  • An email address that fully function
  • DNS Server which has been configured properly

Step by step to add the records:
1. Log into your DNSimple portal.
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2. After logging in, you will be directed to the DNSimple dashboard. Here you will see your domain listings. In this example we have
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3. Click on the icon next to your domain name to jump directly to your DNS record. Your DNS record will show as below:

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4. Click on Add button and select TXT to add a new TXT record. Type the below entries according with the reference from the table below: 
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Enter information above to your DNSimple :
Name :_validation-contactemail
Content :Your designated email address which function properly.
Example: [email protected]
Click Update Record
At this point, your TXT record has been added.

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