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Discontinuation Notices
Error Codes

Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting - Options Tab

1) DTCSmartCardContactlessEnabledSetting to control option DTCSmartCardContactless
2) EmbossModuleEmbossDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleEmboss
3) EmbossModuleExpectedDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleExpected
4) EmbossModuleIndentDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleIndent
5) EmbossModuleKioskExtReaderDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleKioskExtReader
6) EmbossModuleKioskRollersParkDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleKioskRollersPark
7) EmbossModuleKioskSupportDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleKioskSupport
8) EmbossModuleTopDisabledSetting to control option EmbossModuleTop
9) LaminatorModuleExpectedDisabledSetting to control option LaminatorModuleExpected

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