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Clean the hoppers after every 200 cards, when you change the ink ribbon, or if you notice debris on cards.

  1. Unlock and open the security enclosure door.
  2. Remove all cards from the multi-hopper. Track the hopper(s) in which cards were placed so you can replace them after cleaning.
  3. Prepare a cleaning card by folding an isopropanol cleaning card as shown.
  4. Clean the tracks:
    1. Insert the folded card into hopper 1 and push it all the way along the back track, toward the print unit. Remove the card. Repeat for hoppers 2 and 3.
    2. Use the clean end of the card to clean the front track following the instructions in step 4a.
  5. Discard the used cleaning card.
  6. If cleaning is complete, close the security enclosure door to lock the printer.

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