Jersey School District Falls Victim to Breach


It’s not just colleges that fall into the clutches of criminals targeting educational institutions. As a recent incursion on a public school districts illustrates, any school is a potential victim of attack.

While intrusions into university systems are perhaps more common and widely reported — California’s College of the Desert and Tennessee’s Christian Brothers University suffered recent intrusions, just to name a few — it appears that such incidents are now affecting a broader range of targets.

According to NJ.com, the Jersey City school district is currently coping with the fallout of an episode in which student data was compromised. However, the incident was not carried out by a criminal element per se, but instead came from a nearby school.

A note sent out by the district’s superintendent stated that student data contained on the district’s central database had been improperly accessed by a charter school. Why the charter school accessed the data is not clear, but officials suspect that whatever reason they have, it’s far from justifiable.

“The district will continue to work to ensure that our student information is secure,” wrote superintendent Marcia V. Lyles.

This incident points to the fact that there are many different points of origin as far as attacks are concerned. In order to maintain the best enterprise security possible, schools must guard themselves from every angle.


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