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Best Practices for Creating a Strong Cryptographic Strategy for Ongoing Crypto Excellence

What is a Cryptographic Center of Excellence? Crypto is critical infrastructure How to navigate the demands of changing regulations and expanding use cases The importance of establishing a CryptoCoE A new approach: five building blocks for Entrust CryptoCoE Q&A
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Protection des clés de chiffrement dans des environnements hybrides

Alors que la plupart des secteurs adoptent davantage de services basés dans le cloud afin de répondre au mieux aux exigences de leurs clients et gagner en souplesse, en efficacité et en rentabilité, ils doivent garder à l'esprit que la perte, le vol ou l'utilisation abusive d'une seule clé cryptographique critique suffit à avoir un impact significatif sur l'entreprise.
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Switching Away From Paper Documents for Good

Create user-optimized, authenticated, tamper-proof pdfs with Entrust and iText. With the pandemic forcing the adoption of remote work, digital transformation has quickly made it to the top of the priority list for many organizations. Replacing paper documents with an electronic version is one of the many tasks you may be facing as part of this transformation. In this webinar, you’ll discover how easy it is to generate optimized, authenticated, tamper-proof PDF documents using iText 7 and Entrust Signing Automation Service. • Challenges of switching from paper to PDF • How iText can help (iText 7 Core) • How Entrust can help (Entrust Signing Automation Service) • Demo of how they work together • Q&A
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What is the state of the quantum world?

Post quantum experts at Entrust Datacard have been working closely with think tanks and academic leaders who are doing advanced research on quantum computing. We’re sharing our insights with IT professionals through our three-part post quantum webinar series. Perhaps you’ve heard a little bit about quantum computing, but you’re not quite sure what to make of it? You’re not alone. Many IT professionals are still not clear on what it is or how it will impact their business. Get a better understanding of quantum computing and find out what you need to know in the first session of our three-part webinar series: • What common cryptographic protocols will need to be migrated to post quantum algorithms • There is no 'one size fits all' – choosing PQ algorithms to fit your use cases • How to determine the right time to deploy post quantum crypto for data with different "shelf-lives"
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Preparing for a post quantum world

Learn how to prepare for a future where quantum computing power will be able to break existing RSA and ECC cryptographic algorithms, as well other topics surrounding post quantum cryptography that are critical to understanding the impact quantum computing will have on the world and your business. • What are the post quantum cryptography replacements for RSA and ECC? • What are the international standards bodies doing to prepare for a post quantum world? • What can your organization do right now to prepare for the future?
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The Road to Post Quantum Crypto Agility

Post quantum experts at Entrust Datacard have been working closely with think tanks and academic leaders who are doing advanced research on quantum computing. We’re sharing our insights on specific tasks that will help you plan and prepare your organization for a PQ world. • Common cryptographic protocols that will need to be migrated to post quantum • When to employ commonly used cryptographic applications and protocols and when to use different PQ algorithms • How to determine the right time to deploy post quantum crypto when different kinds of data have different “shelf-lives”
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Best Practices for Securing Digital Business - PKI, a Critical Enabler for Securing Digital Transformation

The Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) is designed to help organizations balance the risks associated with IT practices that expand cryptographic use cases by accelerating a crypto strategy for enhanced digital security. For the third webinar of our CryptoCoE best practices webinars series, we brought together a panel of PKI, compliance, and cryptographic strategy experts to discuss the significant role well-managed PKIs play in protecting data, systems, and users.
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Best Practices to Support 398-Day Domain Revalidation

The CA/Browser Forum has approved a new policy, planned to take effect on October 1, 2021, that will standardize both OV and EV TLS/SSL to the same validation period: 398 days. This shorter period will undoubtedly require your team to spend more time each year completing domain validation for TLS/SSL certificates. This webinar offers best practices your team can implement today to prepare for these changes.
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Encrypting Emails for HIPAA Compliance

Learn how to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance with secure email content
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Secrets to Enhance Your Email Security Posture

Forged emails continue to disrupt consumer trust and lead to costly fraudulent activity. New enhanced personalization methods leveraging Google’s support of BIMI can drive more immersive email experiences safely when an authenticated sending domain is tied with a brand’s verified registered logo making email communications easily identifiable and hard to forge. How can your organization level up your email strategy? Join Chris Bailey for this webcast as he discusses: - The ins and outs of BIMI, the latest standard for email delivery - How Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) help you to achieve BIMI compliance - How to elevate your email strategy Guest Speaker Chris Bailey is Vice President of Trust Services for Entrust’s certification authority. Bailey is a co-creator of Verified Mark Certificates, Extended Validation and Domain Validated Certificates used in SSL/TLS connections. Having served in the industry since 1998, Bailey is a current and founding member of industry standards groups the CA/B Forum and the PKI Consortium where he continues to actively promote industry best practices and education for secure communications.
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