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Company Description

Headquartered in Italy, Bit4id has a strong international presence in several European and non-European countries with offices in Spain, Portugal, India, Poland, Macau, Peru and Ecuador.

Bit4id mission is to develop Products, Systems and Services for creating, protecting and using PKI-based Digital Identities so as to make digital life highly simple and safe. Our expertise spans across the entire stack of PKI technology, from hardware design to middleware, from applications to sophisticated systems, from infrastructures to added value Digital Identity Services.

Thanks to its innovative products, consolidated know-how in IT security and high quality services, Bit4id can rely on an increasingly strong position in its 4 main markets:

  • Trust Service Providers
  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Public Administration

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  • nFinity Partner Program
  • nFinity HSM
    • Cloud, DevOps, Containers, Microservices
    • PKI, IoT, Certificate Management
    • Key Management