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How to Renew Your Entrust Certificate Using Self-Service

Navigating the digital security landscape can be complex, and ensuring the validity of your certificates is paramount. With Entrust Certificate Services (ECS), renewing your certificates becomes a streamlined process. In this article, we walk you through renewing your Entrust certificate through self-service.

Monitoring Certificate Expiry

Keeping an eye on your certificates’ expiry dates helps prevent security lapses. Entrust makes this easy with various tools:
  • Review the Actions widget on your Dashboard
  • Check the Expiry Date column in the Certificates > Managed Certificates grid
  • Use the Pending Certificate Expiry report under Reports > Report Center
  • Configure Certificate Services to send email notifications when a certificate is nearing expiry
If you’re using duplicate certificates, you can renew the original certificate from any duplicate in the set and create duplicates as needed.

Renewing the Certificate

To renew a certificate, follow these steps:

Certificate Selection

  1. Navigate to Certificates > Managed Certificates and select the appropriate tab. Alternatively, you can go to Reports > Report Center > Select 'By Category' > Certificate Reports > Select a report.
  2. Select the check box for the certificate you want to renew.
  3. Click Actions > Renew.
Note: Renewing an SMIME Enterprise certificate as a Super Admin triggers an email notification with a link to the Reissue Certificate wizard. If logged in as a Requester, renewal requires Super Admin approval.

Certificate Renewal

  1. The Renew Certificate wizard will appear. Select or edit your Organization and OU if necessary, then choose the new Certificate Expiry date.
  2. For SSL certificates: If you’re using the Entrust Turbo auto-install feature, select Use Entrust Turbo. If not, paste in your new CSR.
  3. Verify the Subject Alternative Name information. You can add Extra Domains if your certificate type allows it.
  4. If the Password fields appear, enter and confirm a password for the certificate.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Additional Information screen, provide the required details.
  7. Click Submit and confirm.
After these steps, your renewed certificate will appear as “Ready” in the Certificates list. You can now retrieve it and replace the existing certificate, ensuring a smooth continuity of your digital security measures.
Mastering Entrust Certificate renewal enhances your organization’s security posture and promotes effective digital security management.
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