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How to Purchase an Entrust Document Signing Certificate Replacement Token


Looking to replace your Entrust Document Signing Certificate token? Learn how a document signing certificate USB token works and follow the step-by-step instructions to purchase a replacement token from the Entrust Store. Securely sign your digital documents with ease.

What is a Document Signing Certificate USB Token?

A document signing certificate USB token is a portable device that securely stores digital certificates used for document signing. It serves as a hardware-based key, providing enhanced security for signing electronic documents. This USB token contains cryptographic keys and certificates, ensuring the integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation of digitally signed documents.

How Does a Document Signing Certificate USB Token Work?

From a technical standpoint, a document signing certificate USB token uses public key infrastructure (PKI) technology . The USB token holds a private key that remains securely stored within the device. When a user wants to sign a document, the private key is used to create a digital signature. This signature, along with the corresponding public key, verifies the authenticity and integrity of the signed document.

The USB token's built-in security features protect against unauthorized access and tampering. The private key remains inaccessible to the user or any external entities, preventing the risk of key compromise. Furthermore, the USB token can be password-protected, adding an additional layer of security to the digital certificate stored within.

  1. Log in to your account on the Entrust website.

  2. Visit the Entrust Store by navigating to .

  3. Once logged in, proceed to the default certificate services page for document signing: .

  4. Adjust the quantity of the document signing certificate to 0, indicating that you want a replacement.

  5. Set the quantity of the token to 1, indicating that you need a replacement token.

  6. Proceed to the checkout process.

  7. Follow the instructions provided during the checkout process, ensuring accurate billing and shipping information.

  8. Complete the purchase, making sure to review and confirm the order details.

Note : It's essential to be logged in to your Entrust account throughout the purchase process to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Securing digital documents with a document signing certificate USB token offers peace of mind and protection against unauthorized alterations or repudiation. Should you need to replace your Entrust Document Signing Certificate token, the process is straightforward. By logging in to your account on the Entrust website and following the instructions here, you can easily purchase a replacement token and continue signing documents with confidence.