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How to add TXT record for DNS Email Verification to Microsoft Azure DNS ?

  • An active account with Microsoft Azure
  • The zone file has been created and working properly
  • An email address that function properly
Step by step to add the records:
1. Login to your Microsoft Azure account.
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2.You will be directed to the Azure dashboard.
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Click on side menu All Services -> Networking and select DNS Zone, or alternatively you can click on your zone name if it make visible on the dashboard
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3. You should see the list of your DNS zones. In this example, we have Click on your zone name to continue.
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Your DNS records will be opened:
4. To add a TXT record, click on + Record set. Create your record using the reference from the table below:
Enter the information above to your TXT Record
Name :You must type:
Type :Select TXT
Value :Your designated email address which function properly.
Example: [email protected]
TTL :Leave it as default 1 hour
Click OK button to save your modification
At this point, your TXT record has been added.
5. Once this is setup, and the DNS information has been propagated to our Entrust DNS Server (which may take up to 12 hours), you can then use email verification method for the domain in your certificate portal.

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