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Reflecting on 2023 Predictions – What We Got Right and Wrong

Last year we made three predictions about what would happen in the world of cybersecurity. How did we do? Join host Ken Kadet and guests Anudeep Parhar, Greg Wetmore, and Mark Ruchie for a discussion on how 2023 took shape in both expected and surprising ways.

Artificial Intelligence

Has artificial intelligence (AI) finally arrived in software development? What are the implications for cybersecurity and the way organizations do business today? Join our host Ken Kadet as he discusses the future of AI with leaders in software development at Entrust who provide their insights on the present state of and future potential uses of AI.

Phishing, AI, Zero Trust

Entrust experts Mark Ruchie, Rishi Kaushal, and Greg Wetmore take on the evolution of phishing in our June Cybersecurity Institute podcast, going deep on phishing-resistant MFA, the impact of AI and ChatGPT, and more.

The State of Quantum Computers

What is the current state of quantum computers, and what developments can we expect in the coming years? We talk with Richard Moulds, General Manager of AWS Bracket on the applications of quantum computers in coming years as well as how organizations are tapping into their capabilities today. He also shares how he sees quantum computing playing out, and how the democratization of the technology could make quantum computing available for all. From our Entrust Engage podcast’s Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in July 2022.

Quantum Computers: The Cryptographer’s Perspective

We talk with renowned quantum academic Dr. Michele Mosca, deputy director of the Institute for Quantum Computing, and founder and CEO of evolutionQ, and Mike Ounsworth, software security architect at Entrust, on the future of post-quantum cryptography: from the NIST competition, post-quantum digital certificates, and what organizations should do to prepare for and use PQC algorithms. From our Entrust Engage podcast’s Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in September 2022.

Introduction to Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

Host Samantha Mabey speaks with Greg Wetmore, Entrust VP of Software Development to offer a gentle introduction to quantum computing, the post-quantum threat to encryption, and what’s being done to prepare for the post-quantum world. From the Entrust Engage podcast Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in May 2022

Post-Quantum and the Impact on Blockchain

How will quantum computing impact security of the blockchain? Blockchain expert Jon Geater, Chief Product & Technology Officer at RKVST and Pali Surdhar, Director of Product Security at Entrust break down the migration of today’s distributed ledger technology to one that’s quantum resistant, and address how blockchain technology will be affected in a post-quantum world. From the Entrust Engage podcast Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in May 2022.

War for the Wallet

What’s next in the war for the wallet, and how do you win? What can big banks, big tech, and big financial institutions learn from each other? Join our hosts Ken Kadet as he discusses the rapidly changing banking and payments landscape with industry experts who provide their insights on the risks and opportunities.

CISA's Strategic Plan - what Enterprises can Learn

CISA's (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s) strategic plan was just recently released and focuses on four key areas: cyber defense, risk reduction and resilience, operational collaboration, and agency unification. What can we learn from this work? Where does it fall short? How is this elevating or helping the practice of cybersecurity in the US, and around the world? Join our host, Ken Kadet, as he talks about this and more with Entrust CISO Mark Ruchie and Paul Calatayud, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at ONDA Group and former CSO at Palo Alto Networks and CTO at FireMon.
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