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Managing accounts in Entrust IdentityGuard is a two-day, instructor-led, hands-on overview of account management operations in Entrust IdentityGuard. Course participants will assume the role of an end-user administrator and will log into Entrust IdentityGuard Administration from their Web browser to perform basic management operations, including creating and editing accounts and assigning authentication types.

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The course begins with a discussion of the security requirement of authentication and participants will review different authentication methods. Entrust IdentityGuard is introduced as a solution for authenticating the identity of users and an overview of the components of the Entrust IdentityGuard environment will be presented. Course participants will perform administrative operations using Entrust IdentityGuard Administration through a standard Web browser; bulk operations will also be discussed as a way of automating some of the administrative operations.

As part of the course, participants will assign authentication types to accounts, including grids, hardware tokens, software tokens, machine information, and one-time passwords.

Hands-on exercises at the end of each lesson provide participants with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through the lecture portion of the lesson.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the value of authentication, and describe the authentication methods enabled through Entrust IdentityGuard
  • Describe the basic components and interfaces in the Entrust IdentityGuard system
  • Create and manage Entrust IdentityGuard accounts
  • Assign authentication types to accounts
  • Access the self-service portal for account self registration and self administration


LESSON 1: Authentication – This lesson introduces the concept of authentication and explores some of the different methods for authenticating the participants in a transaction.

LESSON 2: Entrust IdentityGuard components – This lesson provides an overview of the Entrust IdentityGuard components and interfaces.

LESSON 3: Managing accounts – This lesson examines some of the account management operations performed in Entrust IdentityGuard Administration and through bulk operations.

LESSON 4: Authenticating using passwords – This lesson introduces the use of passwords for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 5: Authenticating using grids – This lesson introduces the use of physical grid cards and egrids for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 6: Authenticating using tokens – This lesson introduces hardware and software tokens for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 7: Authenticating using machine information – This lesson introduces machine information for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSSON 8: Authenticating using other methods – This lesson introduces some of the other methods available for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 9: Authenticating using one-time passwords – This lesson introduces one-time passwords for account authentication in Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 10: Entrust IdentityGuard reports – This lesson describes how reports are generated from information gathered from Entrust IdentityGuard.

LESSON 11: Entrust IdentityGuard Self-Service Module – This lesson introduces the Entrust IdentityGuard Self-Service Module as a mechanism for allowing users to self register and self administer their accounts.

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