Uncompromising security and efficiency

The PB6500 system is part of a comprehensive passport portfolio which includes enrollment and identity management software, post-issuance management software, consultative services, technical support, and intelligent supplies.

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Durable and Secure

Protect critical passport information with highly secure overlays and powerful adhesives.

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Flexible Issuance

Use multiple input trays and selective picking software capabilities to run multiple booklet types.

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Digital Ready

Issue e-passports. Encode a variety of manufacturer’s chips.

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Visually Innovative

PersoCurve™, LaserTact, LaserShadow, 3D photos, and laser ablation significantly minimize counterfeits.

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Secure Issuance and Borders

Photo Optimization stops imposters at borders. Logical security protects proprietary information.

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Issue Faster and Spend Less

Innovative, high-speed laser requires no external cooling. Inkjet module transport is ultra-smooth.


System Controller

The system controller software controls the data flow and module operation throughout the personalization process, providing the operator with real-time updates via the best-in-class graphical interface. Module includes an audible light alarm pole, large 24” pole-mounted monitor, RAID configuration option.

Passport Input

Feeds blank passport booklets into the system with high reliability. Capacity of 100 32-page booklets. Multiple input modules are available for added capacity or for more flexible production options.

Booklet Leafing

Innovative mechanics and optics help ensure accurate leafing and higher production yields. Automatically opens closed passport booklets to a specified page; confirms proper page prior to personalization; reads document identifiers.

Laser Perforation/Shape Perforation

Inline CO2 laser, drills alpha-numeric characters or shapes (e.g., triangles, stars, diamonds, or squares) through all paper pages through back cover. Conical drilling pattern adds security. Suitable for smaller issuance locations – compact size, no water cooling required. Extraction system required for removal of paper dust. Module can be used as a stand-alone pre-personalization in addition to being part of a fully automated system.

Laser Engraving

Economical fiber greyscale laser engraves photos, laser ablated images, tilted laser images (CLI, MLI, 3D photo), text, bar codes, a wide variety of Datacard security features, logos and other graphics with speed and precision. Laser technology is common to that used in the Datacard® MX Series card issuance system. Self-contained design – no external power supply or cooling required.

Chip Encoding

Securely program contactless chips embedded within passport booklets. Chip and antenna may be embedded within the data page or booklet covers. Supports ISO 14443 A/B level 2, 3, and 4 specification. Choice of Datacard or Smartware brand couplers.

Color Inkjet

Personalize the paper pages of a passport booklet in color or black-and-white with exceptionally clear and crisp inkjet printing. Pre-print section flexes the book to ensure a very flat printing surface; a fan dries the ink after printing. Vision registration provides accurate, consistent print alignment. Supports traditional dye inks as well as fully pigmented inks. Large-capacity ink cartridges reduce downtime.

Secure Overlay

Fuses a secure thin film overlap to the personalized data page to protect from tampering and increase durability. Thin film overlap supply is registered (indexed) to the passport page. Datacard® Intelligent Supplies Technology™ reduces waste and enhances operational efficiency. Choose from a variety of material suppliers.

Quality Assurance

The fully automated quality assurance module uses vision and/or RF technology to verify pre-printed stock, personalized data page elements and chip programming. Cross-checks personalization against the original data stream. Choice of Datacard or Smartware brand couplers.

Booklet Closing

Closes personalized passport booklets prior to final output.

Passport Output

Stacks approved and rejected booklets in separate trays. Controller and data file can support automated sorting using multiple output modules. Controller software automatically prepares file for remakes, if desired. Tray capacity of 100 passports (32-page booklets).

Options for locking hoods and covers throughout.

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