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PB6500 Compact

Compact, simple to deploy, enhanced throughput

Fastest semi-automated system in its class, providing throughput up to 250 BPH using laser/inkjet/chip or inkjet/secure overlay/chip or a low total cost of ownership.

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High Security Options

Engraves photos, tilted images (CLI, MLI, 3D photos), text, bad codes, as well as laser ablated images.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

250 BPH throughout in a compact footprint helps replace multiple desktop printers and supports technology upgrades.

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e-Passport Ready

System enables transition from machine readable documents to chip encoding with a variety of manufacturers’ chips.

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In-line Photo Optimization

Passport portraits are enhanced during the personalization process with no data prep and help address problems with stolen passports and imposters.

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Durability and Tamper Resistance

Protect critical passport information for the long term with laser engraving or inline secure overlay application. Fused secure overlay is tamper resistant.

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Technology Options

Supports laser/inkjet/chip or inkjet/secure overlay/chip to meet personalization requirements.

Tech Specs

The Datacard PB6500 Compact Passport System Platform is available in two configurations: Choose between laser/inkjet or inkjet/secure overlay to meet the specific needs of your passport program.

Key technologies include:

  • Physical and logical security
  • System controller hardware and software
  • Passport chip encoding
  • Color Inkjet Printing (with or without secure overlay)
  • Laser engraving
  • Quality assurance

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