MX1100 Card Issuance System

An affordable first step Into centralized card issuance

Whether you are building your production or moving up from printer farms, gain efficiency, reliability, and system uptime from this entry-level system that features the same ultra-reliable components as our higher volume platforms and speeds of up to 600 CPH.
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Various Configurations

Choose from a variety of fixed configurations, with or without smartcard, that meets your needs.

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Reliable Speed

Personalize up to 600 cards per hour.

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Enhanced Security

Enhanced security with multiple physical and logical security features.

Tech Specs

The Datacard Central Issuance Platform includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MX1100 Card Issuance System

  • Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Encoding
  • Laser Engraving, Graphics, and Color Printing
  • UV-Curable Durable Graphics
  • Embossing / Topping
  • Label Affixing
  • OCR-B / Bar Code Scanning Technology, Vision Verification, and Quality Assurance

The MX Series Systems are available as either a standalone or inline systems – complete with card delivery and envelope insertion capabilities.

MXD110 Card Delivery System

  • Inline Black and White Printing
  • Card Affixing / Folding

MXi110 Envelope Insertion System

  • Envelope Stacker
  • Insert Feeding

MX1100 Case Studies

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