MXi610 Envelope Insertion System

Comprehensive envelope insertion

Bring the reliability and security you need to complete high-quality finished mailings by adding robust inserting capabilities. Include a variety of additional inserts and forms to your card mailings to add a personal touch to each package, building lasting relationships with your customers.
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High Productivity

Reduce production steps and increase throughput with automated insertion, sealing, and postage metering.

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Flexible Segmentation

Automatically divert mail packages, rank important deliveries, and organize output for efficient distribution.

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Precise Packages

Carrier sorting removes smaller, inefficient work from the process without stopping the system.

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Ease of Use

Easily switch between jobs with minimal manual intervention and set-up.

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Customized Packages

Bring your envelopes to life with on-demand printing and personalized messaging.

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Efficient Rewards Programs

Bundle additional gift or rewards card carriers in a single package.

Tech Specs

The Datacard Central Issuance Platform includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MXi610 Envelope Insertion System

  • Inserter Base
  • Insert Feeder
  • Card Carrier Feeder
  • Sheet Feeder/Folder
  • Accumulator/Folder
  • Verification
  • Standard Divert
  • Envelope Printing
  • Franking Interface
  • High-Capacity/Standard Vertical Conveyor

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