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MXD810 Card Delivery System

Personalized delivery creates big opportunities

Handle complex inline envelope insertion with ease while delivering personalized bold mail packages that catch your customers' attention.
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Streamlined Data Flow

Both card personalization and card delivery systems use one set of data and file names.

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Support Market Trends

Meet the growing vertical card trend without limiting job sizes based on card orientation.

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Optimized Work Flow

Segment and sort finished carriers, optimizing upstream and downstream workflows.

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On-Demand Color Printing

Add visual impact to mailings and reduce large inventories of preprinted forms.

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Flexible Carriers Sizes & Folds

Add inline flexibility to support printing dynamic card carrier sizes and folds with easy.

Tech Specs

The Datacard Central Issuance Platform includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MXD811 Envelope Insertion System

  • Card Affixing
  • Vertical Card Placement
  • Form Buffer
  • Form Folders
  • High-Speed Folding Kit
  • Flex-form
  • Preprinted Form Feeder
  • Black & White Printer
  • Color Printing
  • Card Carrier Stock & Template Verification
  • Form Stacker
  • Card Carrier Sorter

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