Strong Authentication for Enhanced Identity & Access Management

Built-in integration between the Entrust IdentityGuard software authentication platform and the IBM Security Access Manager for Web — specifically for stronger risk-based authentication — enables organizations to realize the potential of secure access management and identity-based security.



IBM-partnership-logoToday’s workforce demands easy, anytime, anywhere access to content and resources. Users increasingly utilize mobile and cloud platforms as their primary means for resource consumption.

Unfortunately, modern threats from malware, hackers and advanced persistent threats (APTs) cause organizations to restrict access, making it cumbersome for end-users. Alternatively, a number of organizations provide too much access, despite the increased threat landscape.

In order to maintain security, while making it easy for end-users, organizations need a secure and simple method to access content and resources. By realizing the benefits of strong, identity-based security, end-users are empowered with the ability to securely access content and resources — anytime and anywhere.

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Entrust IdentityGuard seamlessly integrates into the IBM Security Access Manager for Web solution for true risk-based authentication that’s also easy to install. Proven single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are critical for protecting access to sensitive information, applications, networks and more.

As the threat landscape changes, organizations can adapt rapidly by rolling out new authenticators to mitigate the impact of a breach or emerging threat. Organizations may even use a number of authenticators to suit both usability and security needs.

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The award-winning Entrust IdentityGuard software authentication platform enables organizations to deploy strong authentication throughout the enterprise — whether for physical, logical, cloud or mobile access. The framework approach not only helps manage all authentication needs, but also provides capabilities unique to the market.




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IBM Security Access Manager For Web

Formerly IBM Tivoli® Access Manager for e-business, IBM Security Access Manager for Web helps organizations address the growing incidence of advanced Web threats and risks associated with mobile, social and cloud access while complying with security regulations. Security Access Manager for Web provides security-rich access management that enables employees, customers and partners to safely access online resources.

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