I would be just as keen if the 5th Mobile Banking Summit was in Fargo. Honestly!


For the past week or so I’ve posted a few things to the Enterprise Authentication blog (as an example, see:  Finally – I can bring my iPad to work) – but amongst us Auth & Fraud people that’s kind of like a fighter pilot flying a cargo plane. . .  it’s not that hard, but it’s not something you want your friends to catch you doing very often. . .  I’m kidding, of course!  In fact, as I’ve said on more than one occasion in some of my posts, the issues around authentication and security that are confronting enterprises, and those confronting companies that service the consumer market, are very similar – so it’s quite natural for me to cross over to the dark side on occasion. . .  yup, kidding again!

So, time to turn my attention back to Authentication and Fraud Detection for a while. And the occasion is a trip to New Orleans. Now I’ll give you fair warning, this post is not going to be chock full of insight – but as you’ll see in time, it will be a good segue for a couple of posts in the coming days.  And you’ll find out a bit more about me – so maybe you’re thinking about clicking somewhere else right about now?!

You see, I love to travel. . .  and I love talking to customers and other people in the security and financial space, I’m pretty passionate about our solutions. . . and I love to travel.  I thrive on the excitement of landing in a new city, or revisiting one I’ve been to before; after all these years I still get a bit of a thrill staying in a hotel (unless my flight gets cancelled on a bitterly cold winter night at 2am and I’m put up by the airline in some flea-bitten-dive in Baltimore with a dripping tap and wet, mildewy carpeting) – and I love discovering new restaurants and having great food. I’m not sure my finance department appreciates this, but in my defence I often find good restaurants that are cheap too!

Ok, understandably if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably getting a little impatient and asking yourself what point I’m trying to make.  So, here it is – I am down in New Orleans – as we’ve already established –  to attend the  5th Annual Mobile Banking and Emerging Applications Summit.

If you’ve followed a couple of my earlier posts on this blog (as an example, see: When it comes to me and Jude . . . ) , you’ll know of my passion for the mobile space – and mobile banking in particular. It’s hard to deny the impact it’s going to have on the way we bank, or the things banks are going to have to do to protect their users:

  • by 2015 mobile banking will reach 1 in 5 adults in the United States;
  • in the US today, 23% of smartphone users are checking financial accounts;
  • in Europe 12% of Europeans who bank online are taking advantage of some form of mobile banking;
  • approximately 50% of Americans have smartphones. . .  and 50% of smartphone owners use mobile banking; and,
  • the second largest reason why people are not using mobile banking (28%) is because it is perceived as not secure.

These stats are from various sources, but check out the Whitepaper, “Addressing Advanced Fraud Threats in Today’s Mobile Environment” for a more complete picture.

So  because Entrust has a particularly good play with respect to mobile security  – founded in part on of the recent release of a Software Development Kit that enables security to be built transparently into mobile banking applications (see: Embedded Security for Mobile Applications. . . ) , it seemed like this event was a natural for us.

Oh, that and the fact that I don’t get a chance to experience Louisiana cuisine very often, and so my friend Mike and I have a late reservation tonight at Iris.  I’ll apologize to my Controller later!


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