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Government-Grade Identity Credentials & ePassport Solutions

Whether it’s citizen credentials — including epassports, national IDs and driver’s licenses — or high-assurance employee IDs, Entrust Datacard provides the authentication solutions that deliver security, trust and true mobility. We help governments issue and manage digital form factors that can be used for validation at borders and access to portals, websites and networks.

Plus, with solutions for authentication and data protection, Entrust secures critical data and applications related to national security, taxation and revenue, legal records, health data and more. More than 30 countries worldwide use Entrust solutions, as well as more than 60 U.S. federal agencies.

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Interoperable, scalable and validated by third-party testing, Entrust is the unquestioned leader in global ePassport security deployments. Entrust provides the necessary solutions — whether via a hosted or in-house model — for proper issuance and inspection of today’s advanced ePassports.

Security-conscious governments require a true “point-and-click” PKI system for strong border control and authentication of identities and biometric datasets on today’s electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTDs).

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Citizen eID

From citizen eID cards to strong user authentication, governments seek proven methods to provide secure citizen access to eGovernment applications and services. Wherever strong authentication, encryption or digital signatures can enable governments to maintain data privacy, streamline workflow or enable citizen access, Entrust can help.

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Government Employees

Government enterprise is changing and becoming increasingly mobile. Traditional smart cards do not work in the mobile world. Our platform integrates high identity assurance security technologies with the power and freedom of true mobility. If your employees and contractors currently use PIV or CAC cards and PKI for authentication, you can use our new platform to build on that existing process — and greatly simplify your transition to the mobile world.

Federal Bridge CA
& HSPD-12

As part of the Non-Federal Identity Shared Service Provider (NFI-SSP) public key infrastructure (PKI) program, the U.S. government requires the use of smartcards with digital certificates issued by an approved certification authority (CA) that’s cross-certified with the U.S. Federal Bridge CA (FBCA).

Entrust’s Non-Federal Identity Shared Service Provider PKI & Smart Credential solution enables government agencies to issue and distribute identity credentials to third-party contractors for authenticated access to sensitive information, applications and databases.

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From HSPD-12 compliance solutions to advanced identity authentication, Entrust is a trusted, proven security partner for the U.S. government. More than 60 U.S. government agencies or bureaus rely on Entrust’s identity-based security solutions each day. And Entrust is one of only a handful of security vendors cross-certified with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA).

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Derived Credential

Mobile Derived PIV/CAC Credential — A Complete Solution for NIST 800-157

The Entrust Mobile Derived Credential solution provides government agencies and contractors with a comprehensive, frictionless, and proven solution for placing Derived PIV Credentials onto mobile devices. Entrust Mobile Derived Credentials are easily accessed by employees and help harness the power of mobile as the new desktop by providing secure, anywhere anytime access to work files and systems.

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