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How to manage a logo image and add TXT record to DNS Server for Entrust VMC Certificate

  • Your company logo in vector format (.SVG)
  • DNS has been setup and run properly to resolve to your desired FQDN
  • Full access to your DNS Server to create or modify record
  • VMC certificate issued by Entrust Certificate Services

Step by step of the process:
  1. Create a logo image in vector format. You can use any of available third party application as long as it will create the logo in .SVG format with the size recommend at 300x300 pixels for optimum result.
User-added image
  1. Publish your logo image to your web server:
  1. Placed your logo image inside your document root folder. You can opt to create a sub document folder to host your logo image file.
Example: We are using IIS Server version 8 in this example.
User-added image
  1. Browse to your web server FQDN to make sure the logo image file is showing properly.
In this example the logo image can be browsed properly at
User-added image

  1. Login to your DNS Server and create BIMI record:
  1. Login to your DNS Server
  2. Go to your designated DNS Zone file
 User-added image
  1. Create a new record by clicking on Add record button and select TXT record:
 User-added image
  1. Begin typing your BIMI text record:
 User-added image

Type :TXTRecord Type
Host Name:default._bimi.yourowndomainYou must type default._bimi then follow with your own root domain.
Value :v=BIMI1;l=your own sites;a=your VMC certificate locationYou must type the value: v=BIMI1;l= then follow with your FQDN reference where your logo image located. Please see the step B above. Example:
v=BIMI1; l=; a=
TTL1 hourSet default of your TTL to 1 hour

At this point your BIMI record has been setup properly.

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