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Discover the new Entrust eStore


This article provides an overview of our improvements to our retail Certificate Services eStore on December 14th,2022.

New purchase and issuance process

In this new eStore, we have simplified the purchasing process for our customers by separating procurement from the certificate management process: you first buy the licenses you need via the eStore, then convert them into certificates in your ECS account.
The new process separates out the purchase flow from the certificate management flow.

Separating these two processes allows you to purchase without providing domain name details or CSRs. These will be required only after you have logged in to the Entrust Certificate Services (ECS) management console.

In the case of TLS/SSL, this 2-step approach also allows you to build a “pool” of certificates and OV/EV domain licenses, without deciding in advance which certificate will contain which domains. You can simply buy licenses for the number of OV, EV, or wildcard certificates you need, then buy extra OV and EV domain licenses (10 OV domain licenses = 1 wildcard domain), and these licenses will be added to your Entrust Certificate Services (ECS) account.

Each TLS/SSL product page will let you add extra domains – no need to specify which domain at this stage

From your ECS account, you can convert licenses into certificates, add the extra domains you need, and if your needs have changed, simply revoke your certificate to free up the licenses for re-use. You will be able to purchase more licenses from your ECS account if needed.

Simplified TLS/SSL Product Range

To reduce confusion and give you more flexibility, we have combined the Standard OV certificate, the Advantage OV certificate, and the Multi-Domain OV certificate into a single product called Standard Plus OV certificate.

The Standard Plus OV certificate secures one domain of your choice, plus its www version. Extra domains can be added – a single certificate can secure up to 250 domains in total (including the primary domain and its www version).

Our new public TLS/SSL certificate portfolio is, therefore, simple:

  • One OV (Organization Validation) certificate for non-wildcard domains only: Standard Plus OV SSL
  • One OV (Organization Validation) certificate for wildcard and non-wildcard domains: Wildcard OV SSL
  • One EV (Extended Validation) certificate: Multi-Domain EV SSL

You can easily compare the three certificate types on the TLS/SSL product category page:

More products available, including “as a service” options

You can now buy more products from Entrust Certificate Services in the eStore. Here are the new products available:

Note that some products are no longer, or not yet, available from the eStore. Contact us to request a quote - or log in to your ECS account if you are an existing customer - for the following products:

  • Private SSL Certificates
  • PSD2 QWACs
  • PSD2 Qseal Certificates

Our Personal S/MIME certificates are now available to purchase from our partner PSW Group at the following URL: .

All our products are now available under a subscription

Our previous version of the eStore was delivering certificates as “products”: the order, verification, and issuance flows were combined, certificate lifecycle management was very limited, and some certificates, such as document signing or code signing, could not be reissued.

A subscription is a different approach: it is a 1-to-5-year commitment during which you can convert certificate/domain licenses you purchased into actual certificates and convert them back into licenses whenever you’d like. Revoked TLS/SSL certificates are turned back into their respective certificate and domain licenses to re-use for the remainder of your subscription period.

Non-TLS/SSL products are also part of this model, so you can buy licenses for document signing certificates, code signing certificates, verified mark certificates and S/MIME certificates and reissue them anytime. They can be revoked if they are no longer needed, and their respective license goes back to your inventory.

Subscription steps numbered with details

The longer the subscription term, the lower the license price. Payment for our subscription is with credit card, you have the option to pay annually with automatic renewal or upfront (which gives you an extra discount).

There are two exceptions to our subscription: secure hardware tokens and signature blocks for the Signing Automation Service are not purchased as licenses but as products. Both will be charged separately from your subscription as a one-time payment.

You can read more about our subscription model in the eStore FAQ here:

Secure USB tokens available separately

Secure USB tokens for document & code signing certificates are now sold separately. If you already have a secure hardware token, this allows you to remove them from your document and/or code signing order, to avoid extra hardware and shipping costs.

Document Signing and Code Signing certificates can now be purchased without the secure hardware token